about me

…and how it came that today I connect water, dance and art with each other

As an integrative clinical art and creativity therapist I have been accompanying people in times of crisis for more than 15 years. My role in creative therapies is to support patients’ processes of perception, expression and awareness. In group courses I encourage people to express themselves authentically and in a non-verbal way using various creative media in their healing process. My work is based on mutual respect and the development of the patients individual potential in their interactions. This opens up spaces for creative impulses and inspirational dynamics in the group. My aim is to promote personal development.

More than 10 years ago I discovered Aquatic Bodywork. Since then, I have been fascinated by the voice of water as a way of listening to the human body and mind in the moving silence of this element. In the weightlessness of the warm water I feel its carrying shelter giving quality in the interplay with a call for free movements into the space of the flowing feather-light resistance. I particularly appreciate the variety of movement and massage offers from WasserShiatsu (WATSU), WasserTanzen (WATA) and Healing Dance. This practical experience, acquired over many years, forms the basis of my work today. It enables me more and more to follow the very own impulses and needs of my clients for touch and freedom, peace and movement. 

As an observant and creative artist, I am fascinated by forms and colours that appear in moving water surfaces.  During and after my design studies I dedicated myself intensively to portrait and nude painting. With the material clay I researched possibilities to capture the human shape in its moving forms of expression. My sailing trips across the oceans were followed by artistic works and exhibitions on the subject of ‘water’ in painting, ceramics, photography and film.

Today it is my art-therapeutic and artistic concern to explore the magic of moving bodies in the water.

Water is like music to me and lets me find my own rhythm. In the water I feel my vitality and gain new strength.

I would be happy to share my love of water with you.

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University and Academy

Graduate Designer for Product Design with the focus on ceramics, University Niederrhein

Clinical Art and Creativity Therapist
Study of Integrative Therapy, Fritz Perls Institute, European Academy

Aquatic Body Work

Healing Dance Practitioner, IAKA-Alexander George

WATA Practitioner, IAKA-Arjana Brunschwiler/Alexander George

WATSU, IAKA-Helen Schulz/Karla Caspers

Education in Watertherapy

 Water- and Arttherapy, Dr. Maurizio Peccicia, Simone Donnari (Italy)

 Integrative Water Therapy (IAT), Prenatal Journey, Birthjourney, David Saywer (USA)

Education in Bodypsychotherapy and Dance

Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Prof. Dr. Hilarion Petzold, Ilse Orth, FPI

Tango Argentino, Marie Paule Renaud

CapoeiraDende, Porto de MinasMestre RequeijaoBeriba Brasil


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