Integrative Art Therapy

Integrative art and creativity therapy

Integrative art therapy is based on the assumption that people are actively involved in shaping themselves and their world. With our senses, we draw from the variety of phenomena that surround us. Even perception is a creative act. It is a selection that is directly related to the person, his past, his current condition, his wishes and inner motivations.
One of the aims of art therapy is to raise awareness of the content of perception and to actively participate in shaping processes of perception.
In the way we create our life and express ourselves we constantly move between impression and expression. In the creative expression with different media it becomes possible to make this fine interplay visible.
Creative expressions carry a message to the outside world, which always has something to do with the creative person. The creative act itself can be healing, because it allows relaxation and relief in a manageable and shapeable world.
The art therapy work becomes really profitable when we enter further communication processes via the creative act. Crossways between the media transport something that demands expression. This transforms from medium to medium until it becomes conscious, can be formed into words. With the words begins the awareness of what has been experienced and they enable the work of integration.
The next step is the implementation of the experience gained as a possible reorientation in one’s own life.