Your life flows like a river. If you look at it deeper, you will see that everything changes in every moment.”

Drukpa Rinpoche

Aquatic Bodywork in the individual treatment

A composition of excerpts from WATSU – WATA – HEALING DANCE sessions in Viersen, Germany. Three women receive Aquatic Bodywork and dive into a deep relaxation and their individual waterdance. An offer from Waterdance-Art by Jutta Weidler, Aquatic Bodywork meets Integrative Arttherapie

World WATSU Week

German WATSU practitioners gave free sessions for guests in various swimming pools for 7 days in Germany to promote Aquatic Bodywork. This international project, called by the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association WABA, creates a big wave that rolls around the world across different countries. The short cut shows a selection of German initiatives. The campaign week began on 22nd March, the WORLD WATER DAY, and ended on 28th March 2019.